Birth Doulas

Studies have shown that when doulas attend births, labours are shorter and have fewer complications, and babies are healthier and breastfeed more easily.

A Birth Doula

  • Recognizes birth as a key experience the mother will remember all her life
  • Understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labour
  • Assists the woman and her partner in preparing for and carrying out their plans for birth
  • Stays with the woman or couple throughout the entire labour and immediate postpartum period
  • Provides emotional and physical support as well as an objective viewpoint
  • Helps her clients get the information they need to make informed decisions during the prenatal period and throughout labour and delivery
  • Facilitates communication between the labouring woman, her partner and her clinical care providers
  • Perceives her role as nurturing and protecting the woman's memory of the birth experience
  • Encourages and supports the woman's partner to participate at his/her comfort level
  • A birth doula certified by DONA International is designated by the initials CD(DONA).
  • A birth doula certified by CAPPA is designated by the initials CLD.

A Birth Doula DOES NOT

  • Replace the woman’s partner or care providers
  • Make decisions for (or speak instead of) her client
  • Perform clinical or medical tasks or provide clinical diagnoses.